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Like their predecessors in all wars, American veterans of the Vietnamese campaign who are coming home to civilian life have their heads filled with memories.

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Youth is a great blessing which we can make eternal by spending it in the way of Allah swt.

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Countries expect the advance and progress in civilization from the efforts of youth. Therefore, youth is not a moment or period of life but the future. The spirit, strength and truth of a nation are its youth.

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To this respect, those who want to take a role at the stage of history have invested highly in its…. Do not stand in the way of the coming generation. The grave is waiting for you. Do not get in the way, so that the new generation, who will thoroughly cherish the truths of Islam in the world, will come. The fact that the summers turn into the winters and the days turn into the nights as divine routines show that all things are temporary and they will leave the physical world a while later.

As a blessing granted to us the youth also will leave us.

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One should spend his youth in the path of good manners, deeds and morality. Thus, the youth as a blessing turns into an eternal life. This is the promise of all celestial religions. If the youth is spent through excessive habits and sins,…. The 6th International Youth Gathering starts tonight at in Istanbul. There will be a-three-day forum within the programme.

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Today, the idea and term of Human Rights is at the center of many debates. These three elements constitute the identity of the book. The truths, the letters and the language of the book either give strength or foible to the book. So it either helps getting closer to justice…. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah Distinguished Frequenters of the Pen Magazine On a shiny summer day, we have come together with a sincere intention in true sisterhood and brotherhood merely to attain the sake of Allah without considering any worldly interest.

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C2 Service: For two applicants aged A list of 7 pen friend names and addresses will be provided to each applicant. C3 Service: For one applicant aged A list of 14 pen friend names and addresses will be provided. C4 Service: For two applicants aged This is ideal for two friends.

C5 Service: For one applicant aged C6 Service: For two applicants aged This service is ideal for two friends. A list of 7 pen friend names and addresses will be provided. C7 Service: For one Senior Citizen over 60 years of age.

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C8 Service: For two Senior Citizens over 60 years of age. Subscription for one issue of the digital Club Magazine.

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