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Well, yes, but not in quite the same format, this time. Do you like it? Why is planet Earth in such dire straits? Oh, I just did… which will be my next challenge. You can also contact me direct if you have any queries. The quality of the writing, the exceptional cast, amazing music and beautiful cinematography very quickly won me over. Which is a good thing, because of those mental gymnastics I mentioned earlier. I challenge you not to do the same. The first series aired in December and comprises ten episodes. Series 2 followed in June and is slightly shorter at just eight.

The third and apparently final series has already been commissioned, but no airdate is known as yet. Throughout the series, Dark explores the existential implications of time and its effects on human nature. And on a final note, those of you like me who pay attention to soundtracks, the music some of which was written for the show is a very important element.

You can find out more about that here — but you might want to watch Season 1 first, as there be spoilers….


So let me explain…. Well, a year and a few months later, I am hooked. As you can see from the second image, I get to carry some interesting items! Most challenging on the narrow roads of Europe are the oversized loads.

Existential (Crucible #1) by Ryan W. Aslesen

In ATS American Truck Simulator the loads I have most problem with are the double-trailers — I have yet to master reversing one without getting into a complete pickle! It really is amazing. You even get the sound of other vehicles driving in the opposite lane as they fly past you. You can always get your truck repaired, though, however bad the damage — but you will most likely lose the cargo you were transporting at the time and, of course, the payment you would have earned for the job!

My son also gave his father the same gift, because he loves vehicles and driving. However, it turns out he much prefers real vehicles. He took his truck out and crashed it almost straight away…. Apparently it is still lying there, blocking the road and annoying the other virtual drivers! Ah well…. Although each game is single-player, you can go onto the Multi-Player version and engage with other players. My son and one of his Uni friends meet up online from time to time and have their own little convoy. It does take time to get used to using the W A S D keys to control stopping, starting, braking, etc, and using the mouse to control turning and indicating.

NTD International Piano Competition Contestants Warm Up

The first time I tried the game, it took me ages to even drive the truck off the Eurostar and I almost gave up…. It has given me a whole new appreciation of the skill of real truck drivers, and it is a great way to relax. I also find it useful for thinking about writing — I often come up with ideas when driving to my day job not so much coming home and the same is true when I am driving a virtual truck.

But every once in a while, something really, really useful pops up in my inbox, and the latest one from Theaterish has just landed in mine. Theatreish is primarily aimed at — yes you guessed it — those in theatre production. But they have some really useful stuff for writers and creatives generally, and their blog post on How To Create a Show Program in Google Docs is exactly that. If you are looking to create a program for your book fair, convention, book signing event or even an advertising brochure, look no further!

[Editorial] Horror Doesn’t Have to Scare YOU to Be Horror

I will try it out I have a project for which it may be just the thing and report back. Watch this space. Certainly JK Rowling writes in different genres, and uses different names for each. So perhaps I should have stuck to a pen name… too late now, though. With my name on it. How has that worked for you? My husband has been of this opinion for a long time. Their news and current affairs bias, mostly. The slow realisation that I and millions of other householders are paying for them to spout EU propaganda at every available opportunity has finally alienated them to me.

Other channels ITV pay for themselves via advertising. Incidentally, it used to to be that there were no adverts on the BBC — but nowadays, promotion of other BBC shows feels just as annoying as the commercial advertising you get on ITV and the online channels. So… back to the issue at hand.

So I would really, really like to watch impartial reporting of the facts, and to hear how events might affect the UK either way — NOT biased reporting skewed to a particular agenda. I would think the same if Remain had won the vote and the media was all for Leave.

Trick-or-Treat: 18 Examples of Bookish Halloween Decor

I know that many people who voted to remain are just as fed up with it. Whatever happened to good manners? I think the BBC should either use advertising to raise revenue like every other channel, or become subscriber-only, like Netflix.

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And most importantly, the license fee should be scrapped. Here is a link, if you are at all interested: BBC companies house.

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