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Like their predecessors in all wars, American veterans of the Vietnamese campaign who are coming home to civilian life have their heads filled with memories.

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Just run in, kill them, and teleport out, or as a fail-safe in case you're the one losing. A Magic Mirror can be obtained by killing dungeon bosses and from loot chests. Magic Mirrors can be found on the top floor of Battle Towers. The large pillar shaped tower, come in different varients, like Netherrack, Ice, Cobblestone, and Mossy Cobblestone. To use the Magic Mirror, hold right click while it's in your hand. An animation will start where symbols float around you and some music plays, and then you will be teleported to the last block you stood on where you could see the sky.

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This item has no use if you can currently see the sky directly above the block you are standing on. The magic mirror is crafted using four Ender Pearls, four Gold Ingots, and one Diamond in a normal crafting table. We'll host it for free! I have just the thing for you. You think of a place you wish to see, then you look in the mirror, and voila! That very place will appear! She can look at her favorite places, any time! Now, while Asher and Eli were buying their magic carpets and mirrors, the third triplet — Ezra — was out in the countryside.

He passed through farmlands and orchards, and saw every kind of fruit and vegetable you can possibly imagine.

Origins Of Aztec And Inca Obsidian Mirrors Revealed Through Scientific Analyses

But nothing seemed to be the ideal gift for Princess Meira. Tired, and hungry, Ezra plopped down on the ground, right beside an apple orchard. Maybe you can help me. The thing about her is, she has this amazing brain.

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And she has this incredible laugh — you can hear it echoing throughout the entire kingdom! Yet she also loves keeping things simple — nothing fancy, you know? A few cows, a few goats, my old mare here. But what makes these apples truly special is this: if you take a bite, the apple will cure any illness you may have, or heal any pain. EZRA: You know what? I would be honored to buy one of your apples. Here — take everything I have! When he got there, his brothers — Asher and Eli — were waiting for him.

When Ezra saw the magic mirror Eli had brought home, he suddenly had an idea. ELI: Okay, here goes. Mirror: show us where Princess Meira is. When the brothers looked in the glass, suddenly, they saw the princess! And she was in the palace!

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Pale, and thin, and frail, and lying in her bed. EZRA: … sick? Your magic carpet! We can ride it to the princess!

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When she saw them, she tried to smile and lift her head, but she was too tired and weak. Is it really you?

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ELI: It is us, princess. We saw you were sick, by using this magic mirror I bought for you. I asked you to bring me gifts, and so you have. EZRA: Meira, it may be sooner than you think.

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  8. May I humbly present I feel so much better! Please come visit me in the palace garden tomorrow. We will continue our conversation about which one of you gets to join me on my next adventure. The next morning they dashed back to the palace to meet up with Princess Meira. When they got there, she looked healthier than ever as she greeted them with her bright, bubbly laugh. I am so happy to see you again. Now, tell me.

    What gifts have you brought? Who will be the friend that will join me on my next journey? ELI: Well, princess! I bring you this magical mirror.

    Without it, we never would have known you were sick! And now you can use it to look at your favorite places, any time you like!

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    Without it, we never would have gotten to your bedside! And now you can use it to travel anywhere you want to go, whenever you feel like it. But that apple I gave you, the one that cured your sickness… it can be used once, and once only. Then she walked over to Eli and gave him a warm hug. It saved my life! And for that, I am forever grateful. What can I say? This magic carpet is remarkable!

    It, too, saved my life! And for that, I am forever appreciative. She looked deep into his eyes. You say you can offer me nothing but a slimy brown apple core.