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Consolidated B Liberator | American Air Museum in Britain

Older Bs were used as assembly formation ships, painted in bright color schemes. Once in the air the bombers would form up behind this highly visible aircraft sometimes called a Judas Goat and continue the mission in correct formation, while the assembly ship would return to base. Assembly ships were also used with B formations, but less frequently. Furthermore, the B, because of its long range, helped to fill the black gap in the Atlantic, an area half way between England and Canada, where U-boats had previously been safe from Allied air attacks.

Consolidated B-24J Liberator

In the Pacific, the Liberator's extended range enabled it to do patrol work the other aircraft could not accomplish. These patrol duties included scouting for enemy fleet movements, searching for downed Allied airmen and survivors from sunken Allied vessels, as well as attacking Japanese submarines. The Bs in the Pacific were armed with depth charges as well as bombs. Throughout World War Two, the B Liberator took part in a wide range of missions and could still be be found in air forces into the s.

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Consolidated B-24 Liberator

WW2 Blog. B Liberators in flight. B assembly line at Willow Run. Army photo. B colorfully painted for use as an assembly ship Judas goat. USAAF photo.

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B Liberators over Bratislava, Slovakia on 16 June B liberators- Kwajalein-June B of the th Bomb Group. B Over Salamaua.

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  • BA Liberator in flight BContinentalCan BJ Princess Carol BJ Witchcraft in October BJCO Liberator. BJCO cropped. BJtakeofcncrd BM BMFO BMinsnow Bs th BG with Ps. Bs bomb Ploesti.

    B24 - LB30 "Dimond Lil" B24 5th air force. B24A in Broome.

    Airfix - No. A06010 - 1:72

    B24Collingsfltclouds B24Collingsto96 B24dragonnose B24j napalm B24longrangers B24s in flight. B24sKingmancloseup B24toBuchann Broome B destroyed P Cape Gloucester airdrome during pre-invasion bombing. Capt Jack Naylor.

    What its like to fly a B-24 Liberator

    CBJin45 Cheshunt Bomber Memorial. Consolidated B "Liberator" gets a complete overhaul before flight