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The Development of Sociology

He also urged social scientists to work within the field of social science as a whole rather than specializing heavily in sociology, political science, economics, psychology, etc. We can apply the concept of the sociological imagination to any behavior.

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Take the simple act of drinking a cup of coffee, for example. We could argue that coffee is not just a drink, but rather it has symbolic value as part of day-to-day social rituals.

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Often the ritual of drinking coffee is much more important than the act of consuming the coffee itself. In all societies, eating and drinking are occasions for social interaction and the performance of rituals , which offer a great deal of subject matter for sociological study. The second dimension to a cup of coffee has to do with its use as a drug.

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a drug that has stimulating effects on the brain.

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For many, this is the reason why they drink coffee. It is interesting sociologically to question why coffee addicts are not considered drug users in Western cultures , though they might be in other cultures. Like alcohol, coffee is a socially acceptable drug whereas marijuana is not. In other cultures, however, marijuana use is tolerated, but both coffee and alcohol consumption is frowned upon. Still, the third dimension to a cup of coffee is tied to social and economic relationships.

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The growing, packaging, distributing, and marketing of coffee are global enterprises that affect many cultures, social groups, and organizations within those cultures. These things often take place thousands of miles away from the coffee drinker.

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Many aspects of our lives are now situated within globalized trade and communications, and studying these global transactions is important to sociologists. Drawing on current scholarship, Education and Society takes students on a journey through the many roles that education plays in contemporary societies. The book prompts students to evaluate how schools organize our society and how society organizes our schools.

Moving from students to schooling to social forces, Education and Society provides a lively and engaging introduction to theory and research and will serve as a cornerstone for courses such as sociology of education, foundations of education, critical issues in education, and school and society. By Thurston Domina and Benjamin G.

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For Teacher Appreciation Week, we take a look at books that discuss the role of education in society, how professors can improve their teaching skills, how best to help at-risk youth, and …. He works in partnership with educational practitioners to better understand the relationship between education and social inequality in the contemporary United States. Benjamin G.