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Like their predecessors in all wars, American veterans of the Vietnamese campaign who are coming home to civilian life have their heads filled with memories.

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These include securing a fair and appropriate pay raise for federal workers; an end to sequestration; avoiding changes adversely impacting the federal health insurance program; securing a further cut in the private contractor reimbursement cap; and a halt to attacks on federal pensions that result in higher employee contributions with no increase in annuity, effectively resulting in a pay cut.

President Kelley applauded the crowd for their continued fight against the damaging policy of sequestration; for the fight against a government shutdown and for subsequent retroactive pay; as well as their continuing efforts against non-stop attacks on federal pay and retirement.

Braving Cries of Protest, Bob Giaimo Tries a Balancing Act on the U.S. Budget

She was joined in addressing the crowd by Sen. Ben Cardin D-Md.

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John Sarbanes D-Md. Gerald Connolly D-Va.

Braving The Desert - John Brady Events

In support of the call for higher pay for federal employees, Rep. Sarbanes and Rep. Connolly emphasized their continuing respect for the work of federal employees. Sarbanes noted that such key activities as providing homeland security and regulating the financial industry cannot happen without dedicated federal employees and adequate budgets. No More Cuts! On clear and sunny 20 degree day in DC, we rallied on the Hill for you and your families!

NTEU Chapter 14 was definitely loud and proud!

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By the way Outrageous Pickets If you look real close you would be able to catch what these individuals had to say on their signs right outside the Longworth House Office Building. He made a very clear statement for federal employees that "You are being asked to do more with less What Do WE Want? An end to the sequester, fair pay, better resources to do our jobs and positive recognition for the shots we take from the very public we proudly serve. I stopped by all the classic booths and all the new booths, too.

Braving the booming business travel markets

I turned books over in my hands, flipped through pages, admired them so, and put each back on its neat shelf. I wanted them all. When I walked out of the convention center and into the sunshine on that last day, the flowers were blooming, and I had three slender poetry books tucked under my arm.

By sheer luck, my flight home to Colorado the next day was cancelled.

Between the extra night in Portland at the airport hotel and the six-ish hour travel day that followed, I finished all three books. They are extraordinary. Each poem pearls and unpearls beneath the open sky.

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Here, Charles tills the field of gender, identity, and language, seeds it with wonder. Fady Joudah is a Palestinian American physician, poet, and translator.

The poems spill with image, compressed narrative, the body, imagination, and memory.