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Like their predecessors in all wars, American veterans of the Vietnamese campaign who are coming home to civilian life have their heads filled with memories.

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Henry Knox Brings Cannon to Boston

Early Gold Medal authors included John D. My agent, Joe Shaw , asked me to expand it. I resisted, but complied. I hate puffing things. Cutting is fine. Everything can use cutting. But puffing creates fat.

Fawcett Publications

Gold Medal took it for their new line of originals. It was titled The Brass Cupcake. MacDonald's first novel. Gold Medal was an unusual graphic novel experiment, John Millard's Mansion of Evil , [12] an original color comic book story packaged as a paperback. After Donald E.

Keyhoe 's article "Flying Saucers Are Real" in True January created a sold-out sensation, with True going back to press for another print run, Keyhoe expanded the article into a top-selling paperback, The Flying Saucers Are Real , published by Fawcett that same year. Sales soared, prompting Ralph Daigh to comment, "In the past six months we have produced 9,, books, and people seem to like them very well. Barker, who claimed that paperback originals could "undermine the whole structure of publishing. With an increase from 35 titles in to 66 titles in , Gold Medal's obvious success in issuing paperback originals revolutionized the industry.

MacDonald, Richard Matheson and Richard Prather were joining Gold Medal's roster of writers, other paperback publishers were soon asking agents for original manuscripts. Literary agent Donald MacCampbell stated that one publisher "threatened to boycott my agency if it continued to negotiate contracts with original cent firms. Although Prather's first novel was unsold, Gold Medal liked his second novel and his Shell Scott character enough to offer a four-book contract, and Prather's Case of the Vanishing Beauty soon set sales records.

In , Bruno Fischer's House of Flesh sold 1,, copies. Mickey Spillane 's I, the Jury paperback bestseller got a huge boost from Fawcett, as Spillane explained to interviewer Michael Carlson:. Now at that time you had to go through hardback. So I wrote I, the Jury and turned it in to E. It had been rejected by four different publishers, saying no, no, this is too violent, too dirty He was a distributor, doing comic books, but he saw the potential, and he went to New American Library , which was Signet Books, and he said "If you print this book, I'll distribute it.

So Roscoe ordered a million copies, and that was unheard of! So somebody in his outfit says, oh, that wasn't what he meant, he must've meant a quarter million. So they bring out a quarter of a million at the wrong time, cause books sell great at Christmas time, but my book came out between Christmas and New Year, which is death, and it went straight to the top, because it was word of mouth, and it's sold out, and Fawcett says get the rest of them out, and the guy says there aren't any more and Roscoe says whaddaya mean, I ordered a million, and a guy got fired!

In , when their contract with NAL expired, Fawcett immediately began doing reprints through several imprints. Red Seal started April and published 22 titles before it folded a year later. The managing editor of Crest and Premier was Leona Nevler. In the early s, John D. I took three shots at it to get one book with a character I could stay with. That was in That launched the series.

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After his retirement in , Daigh recalled, "From our entrance into the paperback business, we paid authors at a more generous rate than had been the custom. In , when we started the Crest line to reprint hardcover books, we extended this practice to what we offered for softcover rights.

Michener 's The Source. Giving the author a bigger share of the pie paid off handsomely. However, I gather that the practice has been overdone in recent years and has led to some of the book industry's current troubles. As a boy, Roscoe Kent Fawcett February 7, — December 23, attended Minneapolis schools and was assigned tasks such as dusting furniture and beach cleaning at his father's Breezy Point Resort before he became a vice president and circulation manager for the family publishing company.

Army, and later was in charge of entertainment for Camp Haan in Riverside, California. He was married twice, had four sons and died at the age of 86 in Brainerd, Minnesota. One of his sons, Roscoe Fawcett Jr. He held the title of secretary-treasurer when the company moved to Greenwich, Connecticut in , and he was 81 when he died in West Palm Beach, Florida , on January 16, She has developed and pitched a bio-pic on Captain Billy's life.


Fawcett Publications had offices at 67 West 44th Street in Manhattan. A declining comics market in the s, along with a major lawsuit National Comics Publications v. By Tanya Allan. Join the Rev. Gerald Davidson as he eagerly follows the exploits of William Knox, Brigadier - retired. Born , died December as laid out in his journals.

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The journals that were located in a secret cupboard by the enigmatic Kerry-Anne Phillips - the American woman who claims to be the reincarnated William Knox. Thanks, weatherfolk! Go Pandemonium! And occasionally shape them into words and throw them. Thank you, Phillip! You are a gentleman amongst gentlemen.

The press has grown out of the Naked Bulb reading series, which has been running for seven years mostly in the East Oakland backyard of Missy Church , impresario and host extraordinaire. You can get to by simply clicking here on the title above.

Autumn 2000

And for a short time only, you can score yourself a print copy for just a few dollars plus postage, by sending them a message on their Facebook page. Thank you, Mary! The journal comes in the form of a page downloadable pdf. Just click on the title above, or here , to find it. Pedestrian Press , who publishes the Review, liked the poem so much that they selected it for their Poem of the Week page. Glad am I to hear that poems stay on said page forever or until the electricity goes out. The poem is a simple and not so simple walking poem that explores the tensions that make Brooklyn both so difficult and so beautiful, and a gamut of my own inner tensions as well.

It ponders the action of walking and provides a mini-travelogue, fifteen years young now but still much the same, I think, of a jaunt through Fort Greene up to Prospect Park and back. In glorious first person and everything. He and his team posted a poem or writer per day for days — for an entire year — as a countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5, Sent some stuff because it looked pretty fierce.

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Colors, textures, melodies, cries. Los Angeles land of all skin colors and all classes. Waste…decay…rebirth and all. Appealing, right? Filed it under poetry though it could be flash non-fic as well.